Apr 7, 2010

A Paper that Dances

Continuing on my fascination with typographic arts, a friend of mine mentioned another great designer who creates beautiful typographic creations by manipulating paper! I'm talking about Yulia Brodskaya, who was born in Russia (Moscow), Then moved to the UK where she studied and now creates beautiful work inspired by her love of typography, paper, origami and collages. Once you'll see the peeks you'll see why I'm such a big fan. She creates beautiful movements, and her type is just so pleasurable to see, and don't know if its my sweet tooth talking, but they all look as sweet as candies!. I wonder how long It'll take her to create a piece, would love to see her progress via video. Anyway enough of my babbling, here are the peeks:

So beautiful and sophisticated! Go check out the rest of her work at her website: http://www.artyulia.com/ 

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