Mar 4, 2011

Can Art Change the World?

Check out this inspired TED Talk video of French street artist JR  on how his art started a positive change:

You can be part of his project here:

What is TED Talks: They are ideas worth spreading. The initials stand for  Technology, Entertainment and Design. Talks are inspiring, motivational, blow minding and life changing. It shows how much as human we can do. Check it out here:

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. I love TED talks. Got the iphone app.

    I have sooooo many videos to watch from them and a few others.

    What's a Rubin to do?

    I need to spend a day in bed watching videos, that's what.

  2. Everyday I'm reminded why I need an Iphone hahaha
    I know! they are truly motivating!