Mar 29, 2011

Salut from Geneva!

I'm finally starting to settle here in Geneva, finally got the hang of the public transportation, started my french classes, and added to my diet the constant consumerism of cheese, chocolate and wine :)
Today is such a beautiful day, at the moment I'm sitting here in the balcony of my cousin's cozy home and couldn't help but do my homework, a quick sketch and now getting back to blogging.

OH before I forget :

misscupcakes, Stephanie Ayres, Laura G.Young and Malka Michaela you will receive a postcard, so if you haven't emailed me your address and what you want illustrated, please do so I can send them right away.

Thanks God for Sunny Days. 

Close up of sketch, I love recycling music sheets :)


  1. Chocolate and cheese? Sounds wonderful...

  2. eee! I'm so jealous you lucky lady! For me... anything animal related! xx

  3. Next time i'll have some chocolate, I'll eat it in your honor :) and yesh I'll let you all know when the postcards have been sent out .

  4. Oh Thank You!!! I am soooo excited!

    I miss Europe so much!
    How long are you gonna be staying? ..You're talking about settling in?

    Have a wonderful beginning of spring there with plenty of sunny days to draw! I will email you my address and request soon. :)

  5. Just the length of my french classes 5 months :) I would love to settle anywhere in Europe (Geneva is a bit too expensive for my budget, so just here to visit family and learn french) just because how great their public transportation is and how easily it is to travel around europe.