Mar 18, 2011

Tony Diterlizzi

I really like Tony Diterlizzi Illustrations, it kind of reminds me of a combination of the style of  Norman Rockwell and Brian Froud. He works with various mediums I guess depend on the project he is working on, but it varies from inks, colored pencils, watercolors, and photoshop. 

I reaaaallly want to read The Search For Wondla, I love books that have girls overcoming obstacles because hey it empowers us to fight our battles, even better when is in a fantasy world with cool illustrated creatures. Sadly I'm going to have to wait before I buy it, I still have some books in my library I haven't read and I want to go through those first and for now I'm just writing books I want in my books-to-have list (which is growing immensely).

Visit Tony Diterlizzi website to see all his awesome illustration, books and more here:

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