Mar 9, 2011

Laura Logan

I love Laura Logan's Illustrations. 
There is something sweet, warm and cozy about them. Check out her suns! how happily he shines. She works with different medias from watercolor, gouache, color pencils and the computer.
Looking at her illustration makes me want to read them next to a warm fireplace, cuddled in a couch. 

See more of her wonderful work here:


  1. Thanks for sharing Laura Logan's work. Her illustrations are lovely, and so are yours! I'm so glad to have found your blog. :)

  2. My goodness coming from another illustrator that means alot thank you!
    Yes everyday my list of illustrators whose work I admire increases, so I try to share my findings at least once a week :)

  3. Very happy and warm. Another good artist made known to me by Romina.