Mar 17, 2011

Links for Japan

You know the term "I'll believe it when I'll see it"?

I have to say the more I read and watch on the news about the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear crisis in Japan I still find it hard to believe it happened, sadly it is happening.  It's in moments like this when we need the support of others and I love and admire how quickly we all try to reach and help people we don't know, people we have never met, a country we have never been and yet we help because we know they are humans like us. 

Stories about a little kindergarten girl fundraising with her art, bloggers coming together, a mentor and friend artist Daniel Lim aka Fawn Fruits donating 100% of his proceeds from his "Sweet Imperfections" show to relief efforts in Japan, my good friend Zakka Nouveau creating the project Stitch + Connect about the strength of connection through her stitching to fundraise for the non-profit of your choice, and artists creating prints and plush. All to help and so can you.

There's also the classic: The red cross: HERE.
HERE's a great site on non-profit organizations that are reliable and trustful.

Hope I didn't sound preachy, just wanted to share links or more options on how to help. If I did sound preachy, just ignore me.

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