Mar 21, 2011

A Humming Note for You :)

I Love this blogpost by James Gurney where he kept coming across tiny paper cranes and how it brought a smile to him and hey it made me smile to read about it!. So inspired by it, I decided to continue such tradition, only with a little extra. Instead of cranes, I'm doing my favorite animal/bird "The Humming Bird." Each Humming bird will have a motivational message or positive though, hence the humming bird becomes a "Humming Note" and yes I plan to leave this in random places for people to find. Here are my first humming notes:

Now I want to give credit to the artist who came up with the hummingbird, there's no room for me to put in on the humming note, so I'm using my blog to do it. The artist is Andres Plazas and here is a video of how to make it.

Next time I will get origami paper so I don't have to dye my paper with watercolor and I plan to use a fine micro pen instead of my dip pen so my hand doesn't shake too much and causes the ink to drip.

I highly encourage you to learn how to fold your favorite animal into origami is so much fun and then leave it for someone to find :). As for me I'm excited to leave these humming Notes in random places.


  1. This sounds amazing - I love this idea! :)

  2. :D I'm glad!!! I'm excited to leave them around :)

  3. I am Andrés Plazas, the creator of this origami hummingbird. I appreciatte your kind words calling me an artist. Thank you very much. I am sorry for my poor english.

  4. Your English is very good!
    and thank you for sharing the video of your humming bird!! is beautiful!
    and yes you are an artist :)