Jan 20, 2011

Bird Brain

No no no no I'm not insulting them by calling them bird brain, that's actually the name of their illustration team. Trust me it sounds waaay better in spanish " Cerebro de Pajaro" (suh-reh-bro  the Pah-hah-roh).

Anyway "Suh-reh-bro the Pahh-hah-roh" is formed by two very talented Mexican (yay-yuh represent!) Illustrators Tania Juarez and Carlos Velez, who work with different mediums from watercolor, color pencils to digital art. What I love from their work? very simple I love their color palettes, the collage and sketch effect they add to their illustrations, the sense of storytelling in each work and the warm fuzzy feeling it gives me when I see their happy beautiful illustrations

To see more of their work visit their BLOG and their DEVIANT ART, you won't be sorry. 

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