Jan 18, 2011

A Bit of Po-luv-roid.

So today morning I went to the Mexican Consulate to get my passport renew and ready to travel. YESH! now I just have to get my visa to be able to be in Geneve, Switzerland. :) Anyway After I was done I hopped happily to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, because I was in museum loving mood. There I try my Fuji Instax, to see how it does in inside shooting, I was limited at to what to shoot, since the flash can't be turn off manually. So here it is some Polaroid luvin':

A pirate who was after my heart. yo no no no

Giant Bugs, every girl's dream come true yay!

"Ma'am no flash por favor"

Yeah swordfish can fly


favorite picture <3

I of course did some random sketching of two shells and some people eating at the museum's Mcdonald:


Oh and yeah prewtty shells.

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