Jan 17, 2011

Look! Look! First post of the year 2011.

Happy Late New Year!

I'm so happy to be back blogging, it means my life is starting to finally calm down a bit, and I can finally pamper my blog. As you can see a huuuuuuge change happened to my blog. The reason behind this is because at first Ecollustration was meant to be a blog about being green and recycling. Through time I began to notice that it started to shift into other areas as well. So I decided to make it my personal blog, where yes I will still talk about being green but will also talk about other things I love like books, illustrations, watercolors, illustrators, projects and traveling. :).

Anyway I got me a new pocket watercolor sketchbook, since my old one is starting to get heavy from the collages, pictures and cutouts I put in there( so it has become the stay-at-home inspiration sketchbook). 

Here it is!
(A big THANK YOU to my cousin Katarina who made my name for me awwwww)

My new baby :')

Also I finished my Sketchbook project in time! I chose the theme "It's Raining Cats and Dogs" Here is a preview.

The Cover


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