Jan 21, 2011

Links Soup for the Soul

I wish you all a very happy weekend, but before you go off to weekend mode I want to share with you this 5 blogs that will not only tickle your funny bone but give you the same effect of indulging in the deliciousness of chocolate.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your milk teeth came alive? here you can find out!  It's AAaaalliiiveeee, AAAaaLLllliveee!! 

A girl who is a walking rainbow, wait no! She does not walk instead she skips down the street. Taking bright colorful pictures and creating wonders with papers. Also she is mother to Moo, not a cow but a cute cat that can fly.

Oh my god, what can I say?other than I wish that was the name of a step dance I would very much learn to do, this is cutest place to see children books being reviewed by 4 very cute and smart children who love the written word. Never grow up.

I never truly appreciated screencaps until I bumped into this blog. It makes me laugh so loud my mother thinks I'm watching modern family again. It's full of funny comments and travel pictures and a whole appreciation for milk. Let's all drink in the name of the cows, because without those wonderful mammals we would have never gotten blessed with the perfect liquid to dunk our double stuff Oreos.

& SO ON:  
A blog of few words, but her images share so much more from smart, funny to wow. She loves to say 'ello and wishes to have a british accent .  She can do kick-ass design, as well as kick your ass 'cuz she can climb walls, believe it 'cuz I seen it. 

Oh hell yes they do, don't act innocent we all have picked our noses and smelled our boogers sometime in our lives. So move on and come read a girl's hilarious thoughts and the other's crazy illustrations. What a wonderful marriage of creativity.

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