Jan 26, 2011

Illustrator of the Week: Jose Sanabria

Oh, I can't wait when I finally have my Illustration studio all set up in Mexico, so I can have a legit library because I want to buy all his books. Have you seen his clouds? it blows me away! the way he does his watercolors are so beautiful! I can't get enough of it. The beautiful way he does his transparencies and yet it look so simple but I bet is not! and  also I love the way he does little people :). 

Anyway Jose Sanabria is a Columbian Illustrator, currently living in Argentina. Go check out his WEBSITE. No seriously GO!

PS: Another reason why I like him:

"When at my drawing table I enjoy the pleasure that a carpenter a craft worker or a blacksmith does with its work. My illustrations are homage to these people whom, with nothing other than their hands, create the most beautiful objects of life."
-Jose Sanabria

Oh how I wish he had a blog or a book about his techniques and inspirations.


  1. This art is amazing. Good find. I am particularly fond of whales.

    I am trying to get my art studio set up too. Hopefully, this spring, I can build it.

    My plan is for a studio shed. Luckily my brothers are all in construction!

  2. I love sharing works of illustrators that I love :)
    There should be an illustrator appreciation day in the calendar!
    one day, one day.

    Ohh nice you should check out marla frazee's studio is a shed too, go to her website and click on the little moon(studio) to see it.

    Hope to see pictures of your studio in your blog! nothing like your own space.