Jan 28, 2011

Leornardo's Anatomical Drawings by the Man Genius.

I think every artist should have a book about this amazing artist and person: Leornardo Da Vinci.

Here is the book that I have of him, a book I bought at the Body worlds exhibition gift shop (by the way that exhibition is a must see).

you can buy a copy HERE

This one is a small book and has very few pages, but it clearly shows Da vinci's fascination of the human anatomy (and why not?, our body is quite magnificent) plus I love to see his studies and his cryptic writing next to it. It clearly shows the importance of always carrying a sketchbook to sketch/write down everything you observe.  What I learned from flipping through this book, is the importance of research on the subject/story that you have to illustrate.

I plan to get more books on Leonardo Da Vinci. You know that question of what 5 dead people you would love to have coffee with? (or something like that) Yeah Mr. Da Vinci is definitely invited.

Also while we are talking about this great man, if you are a fan (hahaha who would not be a fan?)
You must join his facebook page! like it HERE

Also I love how Leornardo Da Vinci was portrayed in "Ever After"

Source: google images.

Yeah I'll choose him as my fairy godmother too. 

Wish you all a great weekend.


  1. Also my favorite ninja turtle.

    My favorite davinci quote is "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

    I use it all the time as a Web Analyst!

    I have a few books on the man. Rembrant, Davinci, Rockwell, and Mucha are my favorite artists.

  2. AH so true! I forgot the Ninja Turtles are named after four renaissance artists. Shame on me -__-'

    good quote :)

    And yes rockwell is another favorite, his paintings makes me so happy!