Feb 5, 2010

Boy oh Boy!

Well after a couple of little experiments and my pencil case was not successful. I came to realize one thing,I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO SEW and HOW TO USE A SEWING MACHINE, it will simplify my life :). Those two have been added to my list of things to learn and do along with sign language and bungee jumping.
I did a little clutch, so I will share that, as for the ecollustration, there will be none this week, but I will make it up by making a really amazing one next week.
So here are the steps.
1: materials is two carton milk of the size you want the clutch to be, the fabric to cover it(with a 1 inch border) and the thick thread of your choice).So first step glue the carton milk.(I recommend to put a heavy book on top until dry)
2:Now you will join these two by the side, by passing the thread back and fort under the fabric 
3:Now you can glut the fabric again(use packaging tape to help it keep it together)
4:Now you'll stitch it together, from one to side to another:

5: Then Embellish it:

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