Feb 18, 2010

Pom Pom for Your Pencil

Ever seen those pencils with pom pom but decided against it when you saw the price? well  with plastic bags, a pencil of yours, thread and a hot glue gun, you got it for free. Just follow these simple steps.
1: First cut strips from plastic bags, I only used 5 strips of 3"x 13" and it was a good enough amount to create the pom pom.
2: Prepare your thread and needle.
3: Then you fold your plastic strip in two, and sew across it ( don't sew on the open side)
4:Now whenever your done with a strip, you  will push it to the beginning to get this scrunch effect.
5: Now do the rest and when done tie a knot and cut the rest of the thread off.
6: Bring your pencil, and your hot glue gun and glue the beginning of the pom pom where there used to be an eraser, that will anchor it and it will make gluing the rest easier. As you are wrapping, do the gluing as well.
7: Tease it and  Ta-da! your pencil is all pom Pom pou-y ja ja. Have fun with it!

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