Feb 9, 2010

From my library to yours:Children Books

Here is my small collections of children books I have. I love it because as an illustrator, I love to see a story illustrated and I love to see the different styles, techniques and mediums, here enjoy it:

1: The Aesop for Children(Special Edition by Barnes and Noble)- The Aesop stories are classic and they always have a wise message at the end, but the ink illustrations of this book are done in the same style of one of my favorite illustrator Arthur Rackham.
2:Where the Wild Things Are-Of course I have this book, I'm such a fan of Maurice Sendak's illustrations, especially on this book. It is no surprise to me that is a classic. I love how the illustrations are the strongest part of the book, because without it the written story would not have the same impact.

3:The Book of Cities by Piero Ventura- No no it's not done by the illustrator of "Where's Waldo?", but it is the same style. I Love this one because of the simple way the cities are illustrated, makes you want to travel and illustrate the city's surrounding.
4:So Good for Litlte Bunnies by Brandi Milne- Brandi Milne has the cutes style of illustration that reminds you of a happy childhood, candy, and play time. Check out her website at http://www.brandimilne.com/. 
5:El Ultimo Refugio (The last Resort) by J.Patrick Lewis Illustrated by Roberto Innocenti- A story about an artist who has lost it's imagination and is goes to search for it( it happens to the best of us. I Loooove Roberto's Illustrations done in ink and it kills me that he does not have a website :(.

6:La Muerte Pie Ligeros: Guendaguti nee sisi( Death LightFeet)by Natalia Toledo illustrated by Francisco Toledo- A book done by two artists from my hometown Oaxaca. Written both in spanish and zapotec(a Oaxacan Dialect) The story is about how death challenges man and animals to see who last longer jumping the rope with him.

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