Feb 23, 2010

Mexican Color!

Today's book from my library to yours is: MEXICAN COLOR!
A book of a series of photographs by Amanda Holmes  accompanied by an essay by Elena Poniatowska . They show how Mexico uses strong colors to represent its vivid culture. As a kid I never really understood why so many foreigners were in love with my hometown, It took for me to leave my hometown Oaxaca and come back years later to finally see what most foreigners were in love with it. Despite what we see on the news about teacher's revolt, politic turmoils and the scarcity of hot water and education, Oaxaca has beautiful architecture, best cuisine, fascinating traditions, art is in the people, it's ecosystem is truly national geographic good and I could go on. And I  have seen more of Oaxaca as a tourist than for the 12 years I lived there. Anyway this book is about Mexico in general in terms of colors: