Feb 11, 2010

Do Not Disturb

If you are someone who works from home while at the same time living with family, you will need one of this, so you brother does not walks in while you are on the phone with a client or mom is wondering if you are craving some cookies. As much as I love them, is hard sometimes for them to remember you are working. Some ways to help is to let them know your business hours and to respect your time (it does work) but a little visual never hurts, so here it is. A door hanger made from a cereal box. Super Easy
1: Cut the size you desire.
2: Then cut a circle at the top, I used a circle cutter (they are so much fun and good to have.)

3: If you have a corner cutter, it will be a nice touch to add to the hanger.

4:Now flip it, draw your note,and ink it. Then put a layer of matte medium so is ready to paint.

5: Paint it and it's ready!

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