Feb 10, 2010

Leaving the pages of the Book

I have come across another book artist, that I feel really interprets the meaning of a book. To take us to another world, adventure, life or happenings. I'm in love with Su Blackwell's book sculptures. Her medium is literally just the book and her imagination, no paint, not blending and adding shadows, just the book that she collects from flea markets or old books stores. I love her artist statement describing her work:
"Paper has been used for communication since its invention; either between humans or in an attempt to communicate with the spirit world. I employ this delicate, accessible medium and use irreversible, destructive processes to reflect on the precariousness of the world we inhabit and the fragility of our life, dreams and ambitions."- Su Blackwell.
Here are some of my favorite of her ecollustrations:
Alice-A Mad Tea Party
Wild Flowers 2007
Pandora Opens Box
The Quiet American 2006
Visit her amazing website HERE and her blog HERE. She's so inspiring

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