Mar 25, 2010

D.I.Y Recycling Gift Tags

A very simple and quickly way to do unique gift tags.
All you need is a strip from the soda box, or cereal box, I leave it up to you :)
and x-acto knife or circle cutter and a hole puncher. Have fun
P.S.:Click on the images to make them larger :)

1)the Beginning:

2) Use your circle cutter to cut your circles, If you don't have a circle cutter trace the circle using the bottom of a glass,trace it and patiently cut it with an x-acto knife:

3)Then using a hole puncher or a 3 hole puncher like me, punch the holes:

4: Then Prepare your strings and attach them to your circles :

5: You can hand write it or use stamps. ( I used a custom print kit that are sold in all office depots in the office/stamps section):

6: Then the fun part DECORATE! I used Gouache, you can use any medium you want like acrylics, pastels,color pencils anything! have fun

7:The final product:

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