Mar 26, 2010

Ecollustration of the week: Fireflies

Well here is the final piece :)

I did this piece for the Power in Number online gallery/shop from Gallery nucleus. I hope they accept this submission. I love the idea part of the sell of the painting goes to a Non-profit of the artist choice. I love the idea that a painting of mine helped a non-profit. Here this is the link:
I would let you know if this piece is accepted.
Good day to all

Here is the next illustration I'm working on, When I post the final look I will tell you what is it for, heheheh loves surprises. I love drawing/painting fireflies, let me tell you why. Fireflies are ugly bugs, they kinda look like a small squatty cockroaches, but at night they are soooo beautiful! I love the idea that beauty is not skin based but rather the person you are inside. I feel Fireflies represent that very well. They are not remember for how they look but what they do (light in the darkness). It's also a good memory of my childhood going out in the darkness unto the small street of our house or to a friend's backyard and see all the fireflies and chase them. It truly is magical, Nature is magical. I feel lucky to not have grown in a big city, but in a small town close to nature. Of course that small town has grown over the years and is now a big city compared to how it used to be.
ok one more peek from the happy boy:
Don't worry he's not planning to squish the firefly between his palms

That's my idea on my sketchbook. It's the last page, so I need a new sketchboook YAY! I'm always exciting to get a new sketchbook.

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