Mar 8, 2010

Good Morning Monday

well I have finished my piece for the Drawgasmic show , let me share it with you:
Its called "The Henna Flute Player" I'm actually quite satisfied with it. It would be awesome to see how music would look, if images represented the notes no?. I used watercolors and gouache and of course my fountain pen.

And now something else very exciting thanks to these two guys:

They are the founders of Art house.
What is art-house? The art house is a library/gallery, but not your usual library and gallery. Their Library collection is of SKETCHBOOKS!!I love to look at sketchbooks they are so inspiring from famous illustrators like James Jeans , and Mattia Inks , or from colleagues like Jessica cooper and Julian Callos . Sketchbooks are inspirational, and to have a whole library how coool is that? Plus they no only deal with sketchbooks they create art projects for the community to participate on. Anyone driven by art can participate so, I signed myself up for two projects. One of the projects is the sketchbook project, where they send a sketchbook for you and you well you do what you do to an sketchbook, as long as you follow their theme. I love it is like they will have a little piece of me in history, someone could come look at my sketchbook and get inspired, I do love the Idea. The Second Project is the Pattern Project, where you have to do an art piece as long as it has patterns and well I have recently gotten fascinated with patterns so I just can't help but give this a try.

Go check out their website: 
I will of course share all that experience with you.

Have a good monday.

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