Mar 9, 2010

The Other Side

We are covered in our creative side of the brain, now let's deal with the other side. This brings me to introduce these two great books, that talk about how to smoothly handle your freelance life and be successful. These books are a very important addition to my library and I recommend it to add it to yours.
Here is the first one:
My so called Freelance Life by Michelle Goodman
I LOVE this book, It covers everything I was unsure of and now I have no doubts. It deals from pricing, contract, registering your business, finding clients, dealing with clients, paying bills, time management. PLus she not only talks from her experience she has illustrators and writers freelance sharing their input too. Also it gives you so many links and resources, is just that amazing.
She also has a website check it out @:

Now the second book relates mostly to opening your online store or making craft to sell, I like it because It also covers a lot about bills, time management, getting clients, patent, trademarks and it shares o many experiences from a lot of full time crafters.
Turn your Creative Hobby into a Business by Meg Mateo Ilasco
It can be done, but is hard work. This covers a lot about preparing a business
plan,learning what works and what doesn't, SELF PROMOTION(favorite part of the book),pricing and of course the downs. It also has a lot of good resources that one can always look back to. Great book, thank you chronicle books for publishing it.

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