Mar 24, 2010

Your Inner Child

I have come across this Illustrator, whose work makes me all happy and warm inside and makes me want to be a child again. I'm talking about an illustrator who lives in England and is passionate about god, art and her love a boy named Lee.  Kate a 19 year old with a big kiddie heart and it shows on her beautiful illustrations. Visit her website to see her work at .

But here is a peek to my favorite ones:

Now aren't they so inspiring?YES they are! if you say no then I'm sorry but there's something wrong with you.
She also has a blog (which I of course follow) and an etsy shop. Visit them and show some love :)


  1. LOL. i just read "if you say no then I'm sorry but there' something wrong with you" as i was answering the phone at work and almost bust out laughing !!!

  2. lol!!!
    Just being honestt prima!
    but hey greeting people with laughter should be mandatory!