Mar 11, 2010

D.I.Y Recycling sites

Today I won't share one of mines, but instead share with you other sites that encourage recycling and are my new favorite sites. Here is the first one: 
This creative Jewish mom does BEAUTIFUL creations, and she not only does her own recycling, she shares craft for kids, parties and home.
Also her name is Sara "creative"(ok that's not in her name but I won't be surprise if it were)Rivka, she lives in northern israel(where she met her husband, very romantic no?) with her husband and kids.
I'll share here some of her creations:

Now the second one was shared to me by my cousin Mel, Here it is: 
A site whose mission is to reduce, reuse and restyle
They have good information on how to follow those 3 missions to accomplish.
The only thing that bothers me is their website design,I just wished they designed their website a bit more cheerful. When you think green, black does not come to mind. Also It bothers me they don't have tags to easily and quickly navigate on the subjects that interest me, which leaves only the option to go through all the pages, rolling the page down. Here are some pics on ideas of reusing that they show in their site.
These were the two new finds that I had to share with you. :)

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