Feb 1, 2011

The Thomas Beale Cipher short film.

A close friend of mine shared this amazing video, that I must share with you.

It's called  "The Thomas Beale Cipher" a short film by Andre Allen.

If you are not familiar with the Beale Cipers, the movie has a bit of a small introduction so don't feel that you won't understand it. The story is fascinating.

The visuals of the animation are going to blow you away, is a very unique look that I feel makes the mystery stronger with its combinations of textures, photographs, patterns and strong contrasts. If you are a fan of illustration, design, storytelling, animation, mystery, puzzles then hurry watch the video!:

Andrew S. Allen is tryuly a modern storyteller :)

Go to the Film's website to find out more about the film: www.thomasbealecipher.com

God I love films like that :) If you know of any other good short films do let me know :)

Also my friend who shared this video is an amazing designer & illustrator, check out her WEBSITE and her BLOG where she shares amazing findings.


  1. Great video. Thanks for sharing.

    I loved the motif of light-play. A great story. Hope it has more parts.

  2. Yeah I'm looking forward to more :)