Feb 3, 2011

The Arthur Rackham Treasury.

This week's book "From my Library to Yours" is  about the beautiful work of Arthur Rackham. This book is not a biography about Rackham, but rather is just illustrations, 86 beautiful full color Illustrations (big enough to see details).

The book is called "The Arthur Rackham Treasury: 86 Full Color Illustrations."

Peek at it:

Whenever I want to do a fantasy piece and need inspiration, this is one of the books I always love to flip through. The main reason being that I love how Rackham draws and paints nature, specially water and trees.

You can see some of his illustrations HERE.
You can buy the book HERE.

See you tomorrow :)


  1. I love Rackham's work. I have an artbook/biography of/about Arthur. He is one of my favorite illustrators.

    I like your pose-able hand in the photos. Nice "touch".

  2. I need a book of his life, since this one is just illustrations, what is the name of the biography book you have?

    haha yes I love my "hand" too,is very helpful.

  3. It's called "Arthur Rackham: A Biography by James Hamilton."

    It's big, like the Rackham book above, and full of illos but also full of story's about his life.

    You should check out James Jeans FABLES covers. He is a modern Rackham, in my opinion.

  4. Thanks! And yes yes I have, they are epic! ^_^