Feb 10, 2011

Guillermo Del Toro

Haha When I found out, there was an interview of Guillermo del Toro in the latest issue of the new yorker,I right away went to read it online. It has to be the most informative interview I have read of him, that I decided to run to the bookstore and get me a copy to add it to my library. Such a nerd .

If you are abig fan of his movies (like me )I highly recommend you to go read the article here:

Here's a cool video about his sketchbooks, which blew me away:


  1. Love Del Toro. I didn't know he was such a sketchist. As a child, I lived next door to a Mexican-American family. I made quick friends with Connie (who I had a crush on) and her little brother Gilbert. They had this GINORMOUS collection of movies, all of them alphabetized and categorized in a book. Lots of them were classic monster movies. Every time I see a Del Toro movie, I think of those friends and all the monster movies I watched at their house. They had very Del Toro'esque imaginations and would modify their bedrooms to be haunted houses (one brother would hide in a corner playing scary music on a keyboard while us kids ran fearfully around the dark room.) Good times.

    Then the movie Labamba came out and I think that is all we watched for about a year. :( Everyone in that house suddenly wanted to be Richie Valenz!

  2. haha what awesome neighbors!

    I don't know but is possible our culture plays a big part since myths, legends and folklore are deeply embedded in our lives and even more during the day of the dead (one of my favorite holidays) . And how funny me and my brother used to watch a lot of monster movies too! Mexican ( our favorite one was Santo vs the vampires) and americans (like critters. the gremlins, cujo, etc) and we both love ghost stories. :)