Feb 11, 2011

Water Paper Paint

This book was given to me for christmas, that's how well my family knows me. They know books and arts makes my tender heart smile :). This week's book is "Water Paper Paint" by Heather Smith Jones. If you are a watercolorist, this book is perfect for you, for two reasons one) it has a great introduction in everything watercolors from paper, to paint labels and color palettes  and two) it also shares with you fun experimental techniques that you can do beyond the traditional way to watercolor. Anyway enough of my rambling here you can peek now:

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Pretty cool no?

Visit Heather Smith Jone's WEBSITE to see her work and her BLOG for inspiration.


  1. I used to spend hours and hours with a tiny little detailing brush, a cup of water, and some bricks of water color, bent over a canvas painting superheros and demons and stuff.

    Then I met Photoshop. :(

    One of these days I'll break out those old bricks, get me some new detailing brushes, and put some color on something.

  2. Oh photoshop! can't blame ya there, it is a pretty neat program, and is never to late to pick up that brush again :)