Feb 16, 2011

Kelly Murphy

I can't believe I haven't talked about Kelly Murphy already. She is one of my favorite illustrators! I love her style, character designs, the way she renders and gives it texture! they give this sense of glow and flow, that just pleases my eyes.

She works with oils, acrylics and digital, so I guess mix media would be the right term. When I look at all these amazing works it makes me so impatient because I'm not settled in my new studio (which won't be ready till next year) I guess that's the catch-22 of moving around too much. But once I'm settled in my studio I plan to have two bookshelves Art books and youth books (children books included) because I want to buy some of her books specially the Beastologist Nathaniel Fludd series, Haunted Houses and her picture books.

Visit her website: http://www.kelmurphy.com/


  1. Thanks for sharing. I get exposed to a lot of neat artists when I come here.

    Her colors are amazing.