Feb 18, 2011

Traveling Art Studio

Though I'm thrilled about my traveling adventures that lays ahead (3 locations within the next 2 years), I'm sad I will not have the conformity of a whole space dedicated to my work (at least until I'm done with my schooling then move to my final location in Mexico where I will open my illustration studio) Anyway I have come across my solution! I got so excited I have to share my findings :)

Click on image to go to store

Click on image to go to store

So cute but it would be too heavy for me!! Click image to see source.

Pretty cool no? I tried looking for more but I guess its not a common necessity. I'm definitely going to go with the first choice mainly because I'm investing in a watercolor paper stretcher and it would only fit on that suitcase. I may not be able to take all my books or my light box, but for now I can take all my art supplies (except liquid items of course).


  1. I just take a tiny moleskine and a bunch of pens and markers that roll up in a pencil scroll.

    I always wonder what my pencil scroll looks like in an x ray machine.

  2. Is fun to travel with your art supplies no?
    haha that's a good question :)