Jan 13, 2010

Aimar Ecollustrado

Gustavo Aimar is the ecollustrador of the week. In his illustrations he creates beautiful collages from old paper, wallpaper, stamps and old pictures together with gesso, watercolor(wohoo!) and tempera. With that he creates  unique collages. Love his color palette and his playful characters. His illustrations have a strong sense of storytelling, which I definitely appreciate. Despite the soft colors the images have a strong presence. I really like his style, especially the way he draw peoples with unique eyes(round and uneven) he pulls it off really nice. Here are some of his illustrations that I love from his Flickr stream.
He has his own blog, even if you don't speak spanish, you can translate it to english with the google translator. I have done that for you HERE 
Check out his STUDIO too and SHOP as well!
Beautiful right? 

PS:He speaks spanish:from argentina.

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