Jan 25, 2010

"I would like to thanks my family and friends, my supporters, my blah blah blah"

It's been a good weekend for me, so I'm in a very good mood. :)
I submitted my blog to the delightful blogs directory and was accepted. Show your support by visiting it, rating, or leaving a sweet comment. While you there you should check out the other wonderful blogs they have listed.
Just click the icon and it will take you to my delightful blog page:
As Seen on DelightfulBlogs.com
That is not all, I was also awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award:

This award was given to me by Davinah (thank you!) from the Daybysnap blog. Go check it out is a blog that always carry a smile on it's face , beautiful photography,  and motivation. The beauty of this award is that I must share 5 random facts about myself, so here we go:
1: I always carry 3 things with  me no matter where I go: My sketchbook, a book and  pen or pencil.
2: I'm half deaf, which sometimes gives me the ability to change your sentences from "want candy?" to "ants can see?" 
3: I love to laugh, anytime, anywhere, so yes when I'm older I will have more laugh lines than you.
4: Chocolate lover for life. 
5: I'm a big fan of flea markets, craft fairs, estate sales and garage sales. Good finds for cheap!

And now I must award 6 other blogs, so here are 6 blogs of close friends of mine, that update regularly. Now you can always see under my links all the blogs I highly recommend to visit, so check them out too, so much inspiration and motivation out there, I love it. 

1:And so on : The blog of Graphic designer Taryn who shares her quirky side by sharing videos, photos, images that will make you smile, laugh, think and surprise you.
2:Chadilaksono : The blog of a designer/ photographer/ cook that will share the recipes of good design, beautiful composed photography, delicious cooking, great moments in her life and share her finds in the internet.
3: Jawcooper : The blog of illustrator/zoolustrator who creates new creatures  that you wish really existed. She will blow you away with her amazing drawing and painting skills. Sometimes with the help of her assistant rupert she gives away free art
4: Mimsill : If you love children and landscapes you will love her blog is filled by both from her sketchbook that she takes to never miss a chance to sketch.
5: Chee-z : If you love all things cheesy this graphic designer/photographer/movie maker will be your best friend.
6: Jules : We like to call him the next James Jean with a twist of spice. A blog where you can see the process work of illustrator Julian Callos, who will make you drool with his painting, they are so good you wish you could eat one.


  1. aww, thanks romina (: dude those are some awesome awards!!! goooo eccollustration!

  2. Oh Romina, congratsss!
    I'm so proud of you. I love how passionate and motivated you are about what you do, always. And I love that you love to laugh. Hahaha that's a tounge twister.

    And thank you dear for giving me a Kreativ Blogger Award. So now I have to tell 5 things about myself, and award it to 6 other people?

    sweeet! i never presented an award to anyone before, im excited!

  3. Your welcome guys, keep up the awesome blogging and yesh caroline that's exactly what you have do, but that's not all you have to do it while laughing. :D

  4. Aww, Romina! So shveet. Good job, winner!

  5. Aw Romina, you're the sweetest!