Jan 12, 2010

Flea Markets Books

If there is a flea market near your home, I highly recommend you to visit it. You can find so many unexpected things from clothing to art and to jewelry and better yet cheap books. If you see a book stand, as a book lover I never miss a chance to see what books I find, specially in children's book. There I admit it, I a grown woman likes children books, but there is a but, sometimes for the story but mostly I love to look at the illustrations!. I had noticed that old ones are hard to find but not impossible, I came across this one, which I treasure:
It didn't have a cover jacket, but instead is right on the front of the book.

The endpages

The beginning

Each chapter starts in this format

There are black and white illustrations

AS well as color illustrations
Book was written by L.Frank Baum and illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators John R. Neill. This book is part of the series "The Books of Wonder Series"( yes the wizard of oz is part of that series).

To learn more about Frank, click HERE 
To learn more about John R. Neill, click HERE 

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