Jan 2, 2010

A favorite of mine.

It is such a pleasure to introduce the first book of the new year in "From my Library to Yours". This book has a special spot in my heart, so yes is a favorite of mine. Here it is:

Karen Michel is a mixed media artist that lives in New York. She wrote this amazing book that will inspire you right away to green your studio, and she is not talking about recycling but much more. She starts from how to green your studio from paint and mediums to even the type of canvas and paper you use. Then she talks about green recipes (My favorite part of the book) she shows you how to make your own watercolor, milk paint, egg tempera,and much more by using natural ingredients, dyes and even natural pigments. She shares some green projects to inspire you and it ends with a chapter on other green artists out there. She also gives you a whole list of resources as to where to order green materials or organizations you'll be interested on. I'm really excited I plan to really use natural pigments on my artwork and make my own watercolors and I plan to try milk paint, I of course trying to finish the store-bought watercolors I have, before I move on ( I will of course document those happenings here in the blog)
Here is a peek to the inside of the book:

I loved how nicely the book layout was done, good use of white space and I love how when they used to show the materials all the jars and labels matched and very good pictures. so you'll really enjoy reading this wonder book.
A bit more on the author: 
Karen Michel also runs a nonprofit organization along with her husband, is called The Creative Art Space for Kids Foundation. Visit her website at www.Karenmichel.com to see her work, shop and blog.

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