Jan 6, 2010

A Seeker of Magic

That's how this week's ecollustrator refers to herself. I'm talking about Karen Michel, who does beautiful mixed media ecollustrations, and book arts. She's also the amazing writer of Green Guide for Artists (A favorite of mine). Each work is a beautiful collaboration of everything nature, paper, found objects, everyday objects, her own paints and of course her magic. Here are some of my favorites works of hers:
I love the message she delivers with her artwork, I'll let her say it with her own words, she says it all:
"In general my work is about bringing something into the world that enhances and elevates the environment in which it lives (hopefully with a touch of grace thrown into the mix). Much like magical charms and spells of intention that give voice to our inner magicians and collective histories. I am endlessly inspired by nature, seeking the wild in urban environments, native folklore, moon lore, sustainability and sweet soul music..... i am most certainly a seeker of magic"- KarenMichel.com
It doesn't stop here, she also has a blog , a shop and along with her husband she runs a non-profit organization , where they help other kids to seek their magic.

Visit her website at WWW.KARENMICHEL.COM there's so much to see 

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