Jan 14, 2010

Archival box

Another D.I.Y Recycling project to organize yourself. An archival box, because my archival folder has no more room!.So much papers to keep and organize. So here I am, to show you how to make a simple archival box for your files.
You will need:
Folders of your choice
A box ( milk carton boxes are great size)
Paper to wrap your box (I'm using Paperbags).

1: Here's the milk carton box
2: Measure the sizes on the paper of your choice.
3: Here are my four sizes trimmed and ready to be glued.
4: You don't need to cover the whole paper to glued it into the box, just apply glue on the tabs.
5: The first side done! now let's do the rest.
6: Tada! this is how it looks done with my folders inside!
Now it's not really completely done because it needs an illustration. The ecollustration of the week will go on the box. So come back tomorrow to see the ecollustration of the week  that I have planned for this new archival box. Stay tuned!

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