Jan 7, 2010

For your Business Cards

You seen here, today's week of D.I.Y. Recycling project.
A business card holder, because is very important to keep your contacts organize and not swimming around in an envelope (my bad). Using my empty box of the tea sampler I tried and soda boxes I'm going to share with you how to make yours.
1. Get all your materials ready: Empty soda box, It can also be done with cereal boxes or milk cartons. Then the box where your cards will fit nice and snug (I'm using my tea sampler).
2. Cut all your 26 separators and add an extra half inch to the height, so you can make your tabs.
3. Mark your tabs on each card, I chose to make 8.

4. Cut your tabs I did  a total of 7 sets, of those sets , 5 have 4 separators and the last two has 3 separators.
5. Decorate your tabs.

6. Ta-da! you now have your business card filer done.

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