Jan 4, 2010

Sharing is caring

Well this blog will now be updated everyday because from the usual posts of "From my library to yours","Ecollustration of the Week", "Ecollustrator of the week" and "D.I.Y Recycling" comes a new category "Sharing is Caring". "Sharing is Caring" is me   sharing great news, inspirations and anything worth sharing.
Today's Sharing is:

WWW.TWOLEAVESANDABUD.COM: It's winter and Texas is a bit colder than what I'm used to from when I lived in Los Angeles. Then Also I wake up at 7:30 in the morning and something warm is appreciated. I asked a tea guru( a good friend of mine who's quite a tea-fanatic) what sort of tea is good and she recommended me Loose tea, not dusty Tea from the grocery store. I came across this tea sampler at Homegoods. It's packaging caught my attention (a company that shows good and creative packaging, will always beat the others not so beautiful packagings)I love how each bag, where the tea is stored, its clear so you can see the tea and it gives you the the recommended time to steep your tea to get the best of the flavor. I was a fan of the organic chamomile, the alpine berry, and the peppermint teas. When you are done with your sampler you end up with a lovely bamboo box you can reuse as a mini file cabinet or address file cabinet( I plan to use it to file the business cards I collect).

So tea lovers and tea-beginners I recommend to check out their website as well as their blog .

Have a good day everyone

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