Jan 18, 2010


Everything has a process to get to the final result. And todays I want to share how I get to the final look on my illustrations, since I have never shared the way I worked, I always though I had an idea and illustrated and dive in ready to paint, but as I was working I realize I don plan it well. Here it is enjoy the tour of how I work. I recently turned back to my illustration style I did for my senior thesis in Otis College of Art and Design. Illustrating a whole story on one page. Here I did " The little Matchgirl by Hans Christina Handersen"

1: First I read the story and take out the most key moments of the story, then I see into how many frames I can fit the story into.
2: Then I'll do a very quick composition of the illustration. (this is all done in my sketchbook)
2: Then I'll do the bigger version in pencil.(This is my favorite part of working, the foundation of the illustration)
3: Then I'll inked.
4: And finally after figuring out the color palette, I'll paint it.

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