Jan 26, 2010

Not all memoirs use the written word

Today's book from my library to yours is:
CATHIE BLECK: OPEN SPACES a visual memoir and daily inspiration.
A memoir put together by Cathie as she explains what influenced her to be the illustrator she is today. As you read her memoir she will show illustration to prove her point. She grew up surrounded by nature and she shows that appreciation through her illustrations. The book was designed by Mark Murphy Designs, it is beautiful put together, so the pictures, illustrations, sketches and type is well organize. Cathie Bleck is one oF my favorite illustrators, her work is so full of emotion and movement, I love how everything comes together. Her medium is scratch board!(I tried once and it's so hard! very different because it's all inverse, instead of starting on white paper, you start with black. So you sort of bring light to the darkness)You can read about her process of her work on her website. And now here is the peek of the book:
The end pages
The beginning
beautiful illustrations
She shows her process throughout the book
Another of her illustrations
Beautiful book, you can actually order it at her page HERE 
Also I recommend to visit her WEBSITE and her BLOG as well.
Enjoy and see you tomorrow :)

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