Jan 21, 2010

Cups mats

Today's D.I.Y it's very easy, all you need is milk cartons, a circle cutter, tape and a X-acto knife. We are making cup mats, so you'll stop leaving tea or hot chocolate circle stains on your furniture (my bad! but no more!). So just follow the simple steps as follow.
1:Here are the milk cartons nicely cut and ready to become cups mats.
2:Then tape your milk carton to your cutting board(or on top of a cardboard if you don't have a cutting board),place your circle cutter and proceed.
3:Now if you have a heavy duty circle cutter, you can skip this step, if not continue. My circle cutter works great in paper, but milk carton is thicker, so what I did is trace the circle hard so you'll leave an easy track to follow with your X-acto knife.
5:Now do the rest and you now have cup mats!
6:Love them, use them or give them away.

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